About me:

I'm Dmitry Vorotilin – developer with knowledge of several programming languages and design patterns, open source contributor, strong team player. Most of all I love my job, by the way it gives me an ability to live happily. I'm very curious about bugs and if I find something I'll give a shot to fix it and send a PR on github (if I have time indeed). You can see my commits in such projects like Rails, Poltergeist, Quiet Assets, Pjax Rails, MiniTest and so on. Besides job I like having fun with friends, cycling around the city, skating, playing football, doing sport or meeting new people. Go get in touch with me: d.vorotilin@gmail.com, Github, Skype




Voronezh State Technical University - Russia, Voronezh. Master's degree, Electronic engineering — 4.0 GPA


DevConf 2012, Moscow. “Sprockets under the hood” Slides, Video

RailsClub 2013, Moscow. “Capybara drivers zoo or make friends with Poltergeist” Slides, Video, Photos